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Happy Birthday is happy-birthdayone of the most popular online scatchcard games at and not just for those one who are actually celebrating their birthday. The rules of the game are very simple. Like other classical scratch card games,you need to find three matching symbols in a row in order to win. There are also „clown” symbols to increase the excitement and Multiple your winnings.
For a the French player Eveline S. 9th August definitely was a Happy Day. She won the amazing sum of €10,000 with the Happy Birthday game. This is what she had to say about her Big winning:
“I am a player and I often deposit little amount of money.
I like to navigate from a game to another because I find it very exciting!
I then decided to wager all what I have left on one game.

Suddenly I can see 10 000 euros, my eyes stuck on the screen I was astonished, staring at this little yellow rectangle with 5 figures!
I was shaking of joy, completely amazed! That is fantastic and champagne is needed!” offer a great selection of online scratch card games with great cash prizes. You can wager as low as €0,1 to €10 and win up to €200,000. Visit now and see if it’s your luck day too.

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Avoid casino scams - By Becky GreenFirst of all, I would like to start by saying that it is not a custom thing, an online casino trying to hack you. But since we are talking about the Internet here, and as you all know Internet hacks are numerous, it’s not a bad idea to read about how to avoid such online casino scams.

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Let’s start with the obvious – Never play in an unknown brand. We have here a respectable list of well known and trusted online casino brands that you can choose from. There’s no reason for you to go and try to find small online casinos on the web with no recommendation to go with it.

Be careful of Big Bonuses – There are reasonable bonuses, and then there are completely fantastic bonuses. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably fiction meant to draw you in and taking your money.

Incredible winning odds – It’s the same principle as the bonuses issue. There are reasonable winning odds, which are pretty much the same in all online casino sites. If you bump into an out of the ordinary one, make sure you look for some casino reviews about that specific online casino before you put in a money deposit.

Check for a known licensing certificate – There are local gambling certificates and there are international ones. You can see the list of certifications usually at the bottom section of the site. Check those certificates out, visit their sites. If you’re an experienced casino player you would probably recognize them by their logos.

Check the gaming software – visit their site, look for reviews about them. There are some well known once that you can defiantly truck such as Neogames, Playtech, Microgaming etc. There are all kind of small gambling sites which offer you to play bingo games or other relatively small and simple gambling games and which doesn’t even offer information about their platform. Avoid these kind of sites.

That’s it. Hope this will be useful for you and save you some money and a broken heart.

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Guest writer – Becky Green

One of the worlds most popular online poker room, PartyPoker announced a new poker variation recently. From now you can find double-holdem poker cash tables in their games selection. Double Holdem as can be thought of its name is very similar to the popular texas-holdem game with one important difference.

While in texas-holdem every player have 2 hole cards, they get 3 of them in double holdem and they can play with 2 poker hands using the three 2-2 of their hole cards and the five common cards.

The gameplay and betting rounds also are similar to texas holdem, but before the betting start, every player must choose one of the three hole cards, to be as „point” card. The point card then will be used to create two separate poker hands together separate with the 2 other hole cards. When the five common cards dealt, the best hand wins the pot.

When playing double holdem poker keep in mind that you have double chance to win but the other players also have 3 cards instead having two. Generally we can say you need stronger hand to win a double-holdem poker hand than in the regular texas-holdem so be careful about what hands you play and what you fold. For example if you have a pair of aces in you hand and a pair of jacks on the table, the chance that your opponents have a third jack in their hand is one and a half times bigger than in texas-holdem.

Sometime local markets sites can surprise you with their special poker offers. Romanian sites or Hungarian sites such as texas holdem poker offer unique bonus codes and other special offers you can’t find in EN sites. This is also a way to double your chances of winning.

The main thing to remember about texas holdem is that the game is base more on odds and less on luck. Unlike other online gambling games such as roulette, slots or scratch cards, you need to know what you’re doing in order to be a winner. You always play against people that know what they’re doing, so you need to know more in order to win.

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Just recently I bumped into this cool moment captured in one of the WSOP sessions from 2009.
In this particular moment Jennifer Tilly is just about to give up before she notices that she’s still in the game.
I’ll let you watch it without telling you how it turns out in the end:

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WSOP Final Table Set

The worlds most important poker tournament, World Series of Poker Main Event reached it’s finally state. The players left the tables and nine of them will come back in November to make decision about the most prestigious golden bracelet. In all time’s third biggest poker tournament 6865 players paid the ten thousand and entered the playing field this year ,but only nine of them have now the chance to be the winner and take home the massive $8,711,956 first prize.


The nine players needed 8 days to enter the final table. They come from all parts of the world: Belize, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Ireland, Ukraine and the United States and that proves being poker the most popular card game world wide. The nine players are Badih “Bob” Bou-Nahra, Phil Collins, Matt Giannetti, Pius Heinz, Sam Holden, Ben Lamb, Anton Makiievskyi, Eoghan O’Dea and Martin Staszko.

22 players started the final day with Anton Makiievskyi but he closed the day on the 8th. The tournament now takes a 108days break and they return to the Rio All Suite Las Vegas in November 5 to play the final table and continue the game at Level 36 for almost 35 minutes. Each of the finalists are now guaranteed $782,115 in prize money and 8 of them will become a millionaire.

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epic_ENOne of the worlds most popular online poker room Everest Poker announced an amazing $125,000 promotion to their players. With Everest Poker International Cup you can enjoy the excitement of a live tournament and play real money poker for completely free. Play your favourite poker games and spend a wonderful weekend in Spain.

In the new Everest Poker promotion 50 lucky players can sit to the poker tables in Gran Casino de Alicante for the EPIC Live Finale $75,000 prize. EPIC is the biggets live freeroll of Everest Poker and the online gualification tournemanest are open to every players from all over the world. The only thing you need to do is to register a seat for you and enjoy the live tournament experience and get your share from the $125,000 for absolutely free.

The freerolls are running now in worthf of $50,000 until the Live Finale in september! The Live Finale Packages are worth $2,500 plus each EPIC Direct Entry gives you 10 Packages and an amazing $25,000 cash prize. On the top of the the best 50 players from all freerolls get $500 cash instantly.

The $50,000 EPIC Direct Entries starts on 1st of August and 29th of August a 20:00 GMT where $50,000 and 20 Live Finale Packages could be won, qualification tournamenst are held from 4th July to 28th August. You can find all qualifier tournaments on the EPIC tab of the Everest Poker lobby.

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Raise or call before the flop

FullTilt Poker pro Chris Ferguson says: “If your hand is strong enough for a call, it should be good enough for a raise too”. And there are several good reasons that makes raising a better idea than just limping in.

Basically the aim of making a bet is to increase the size of the pot and the amount of money won win at the showdown. It works normally when you have strong hands such as pocket Kings or Aces. But normally your odds to getting rockets is only 1 to 220 and you should player your weaker hands to get involved the game and make some money.

200312597-001The hands range that you play will depends on several factors, mostly the playing style of your opponents at the table and your position. In early position you will play less hands and late position will play more. So when you decided to put money into the pot, you could do it not for increasing it’s size but getting useful information about the opponents hands, narrow the playing field and take the leading position at the table.

Getting information
Information is one of the most valuable thing at poker and you have to pay for it, but information is a capital that makes profit four you. Just calling the big blind you loose the opportunity to get useful information about the other players hand. If they called your raise than you would know they have strong cards in their hands and that can effect your future actions.

Narrow the playing field
The more players are in the pot, the more chance to have someone better hands than yours. If you need to play against only one or two players your odds are quite better than in case of playing against the full table. In a heads-up a pair is usually enough to win but rarely good enough comparing to 6 or more hands. If you make a raise then most of the players holding speculative hands such as connecting or suited cards will fold and you’ll probably avoid beating by a flush or straight.

Get a better position at the flop
If you’re the last one who made bet at the table pre-flop, then you’ll be the one who need to take an action last time after the flop came down to the table. You will have the better position to make decision. If someone made an aggressive bet and you hand didn’t get better with the flop, you should fold, or the better case, if the flop brought the cards you need, continue betting and make the big win.

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Probably the most important rule in te World Series of Poker this year is the so-called „ten-level rule”. It means that in the WSOP 2011 all event will be ended after a maximum of ten levels of playing on a given day. Almost everyone is satisfied with the idea – except the players themselves. When the idea aroused at the very first time, it was obvious that it has a potential of extending some events to an extra day, but it wasn’t expected that many of the players wouldn’t be happy with about it.

The special rule was applied first time in strange circumstances at Event #4 – $5000 No Limit Holdem won by Allen Bari. The 3rd day of the event started with 42 players and however the final table were set soon, the players were informed that they needed to play until the winner left or the ten levels of the days were completed.. Although all players wanted to finish the day and leave the final table to the next one, the tournament staff forced them to continue playing. The tournament went on and the day finished around 3:30 am with four player returning the following day to wrown the bracelet winner.

This wasn’t the only final table that were affected by the ten-level rule. At Event #8 – $1000 No Limit Holden only 3 players needed to return to the final day. Sean Getzwiller, Sadan Turker and Jon Turner didn’t really see any sense of the need to play a few extra hours instead of stopping at the final table and take a rest before that important moment of their life. At Event #11 – $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship George Lind III, Viacheslav Zhukov and Steve Billirakis were forced to finish their session and return to the following day.

Hearing the reflections of the players it’s obvious that they are not really happy with the new rule but WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel seems to be adamant to make even a small adjustment of the rules and said: “those players doesn’t know what’s right for them”. His statement already exposed some more changes of the future WSOP tournaments structure to add an extra to all events as usual on the other poker tournaments of the world such as EPT, APPT or WPT.

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